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Since October 2004, we have been transforming the outside of our home into a creepy haunted house in celebration of Halloween.
Our front yard becomes a very detailed cemetery, along with a nightmarish walk-through haunted house in our driveway.

We are aimed at making our neighborhood a fun-filled experience during the Halloween season. Our yard haunt is free of charge for everyone’s viewing pleasure, but we request a minimum $5.00 entrance fee to go through our walk-through haunted house with all proceeds benefiting Mackenzie Health Foundation.

Inside the Thornhill Woods haunted house, you will experience an in-your-face fear-filled environment with true terror around every corner.
Featuring custom-themed rooms, wandering creatures, and terrifying live actors that will put you in the midst of terror, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Come face your fears and phobias this Halloween…If you dare!!!

Ontario Haunted Houses

Thornhill Woods Haunted House
1 Krisbury Ave
Thornhill, Ontario L4J8W7

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